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29 August 2010 @ 02:32 pm
NAME THAT SHOW! Can you add one? (Meme)  

How many of our favorite TV shows can we list that we used to watch but are no longer on TV?
Add ONLY ONE, and then tag your friends and comment here with a link to your post!
No repeats on the shows, please. (Well, it wouldn't be challenging, then, would it? What's the fun in that?) Please put only one answer to allow others to think of something.

Just think how interesting this will get, considering how diverse the age groups, cultures, and nationalities there are on Live Journal! As the list gets longer, it will just get more amazing. In fact, everyone is encouraged to pass this to meme communities to get it started with a BANG!

I know it's not long, now, but I'm using an LJ-cut because it's going to get long. Please continue to use the cut out of respect for the people on your friends'/members' lists.

Just put your show beneath mine and the list will get longer in no time, you'll see:

My show
Your show
Next person's show

Notice the "no adult content" label. Consider this a TV-14 meme for our younger participants.

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